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The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal is a non-partisan Internet-based journal devoted to sharing ideas and information about public sector innovation. Public servants, elected officials, academics, consultants and others share their thoughts through TIJ. The Innovation Journal‘s mission is to encourage innovation which will improve the quality, efficiency or effectiveness of government administration and policy. Innovation is defined as the first time a new way of doing something, a policy, service, program or administrative technique, an approach or a technology is introduced in a country. The Innovation Journal is particularly interested in new ways of doing things.

All of the material in The Innovation Journal is peer reviewed, including scholarly-style articles, discussion papers, case studies and book reviews. Except for book reviews, all papers are also double blind reviewed. The Innovation Journal would appreciate receiving notice of publication of material on public sector innovation.

The Innovation Journal includes material typically written by academics, consultants and administrative practitioners from a wide range of perspectives and countries. The Innovation Journal‘s readers are public servants at all levels of government and international agencies, academics, consultants, students and people interested in improvement of the public sector.

The subject of the paper (public sector innovation), the quality of the contribution and its relevance to a wide audience are the main considerations in the decision to publish. Manuscripts based on highly specialized knowledge or highly technical methodology are therefore normally considered outside our terms of reference.

Papers are invited on such topics as:

  • The impact on innovation in government of government initiatives (such as “The New Public Management”)
  • The innovativeness of government strategies and tactics
  • Definitions and theory of innovation
  • Innovation processes
  • Managing change
  • Analysis of cases of public sector innovation
  • Approaches to innovation: partnerships, citizen-centred delivery, restructuring, empowerment
  • Other topics of related to public sector innovation of interest to you

Submissions are invited on all public sector innovation-related topics, and should be submitted to:

Eleanor Glor, Editor in Chief,

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