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The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal (TIJ) is an independent, blind peer-reviewed, Internet-based journal devoted to building knowledge about public sector innovation. It publishes scholarly and practitioner-oriented papers, books, case studies, review essays, and book reviews. It has a French site, La Revue de l’innovation. Contributions of articles on government and non-profit sector innovation and your comments about this site are welcome. Please Contact Editor in Chief Eleanor Glor.

The Innovation Journal has been linked from a number of Internet sites and has been listed as one of the ten best public administration sites on the world wide web by both the Australian Public Administration Association and ASPANET. The American Society for Public Administration is the largest public administration organization in the world.

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What’s New

Volume 29, Issue 1, 2024
Open Issue

Peer-Reviewed Papers:

1. Emerging Technologies and Public Innovation in the Saudi Public Sector: An Analysis of Adoption and Challenges Amidst Vision 2030, by Mohamed G. Bendary and Dr. Jegatheesan Rajadurai

Discussion Papers:

2. Research and Publishing on Collaboration and Innovation in the Public Sector, a Presentation, by Eleanor D., Glor, Fellow, York University, Toronto, Canada.

Book Reviews:

3. Doppelganger, by Naomi Klein, reviewed by Eleanor D. Glor

More of What’s New


CALJ Innovation Award

Journal Editors,

We are pleased to announce that the application process for the 2024 CALJ Innovation Award is now open.

This award recognizes innovation implemented or first measured in 2023 by a Canadian scholarly journal and which is focused on enhancing readership and/or other forms of engagement with journal content.

This is our opportunity to showcase the innovation that’s happening in Canada with our scholarly journals!

Prize: The winner will receive a certificate honouring their achievements as well as a free annual membership to CALJ, and an announcement will be posted on CALJ websites. The winner will be announced at the CALJ Annual Meeting in June. 

Applying: To learn more about eligibility criteria and the application process, please visit the application form and guidelines.

Deadline for applications: Midnight PST, June 3, 2024

Prior winners of the Award:

  • Canadian Public Policy
  • Canadian Literature for its CanLit Guide
  • The Toronto Journal of Theology for its video introductions
  • FACETS – for its innovative multidisciplinary publishing format
  • Encounters in Theory and History of Education for its Digital Media and Methods Section

Canadian Association of Learned Journals – https://www.calj-acrs.ca/news

Call for applications: STRATEGO Visiting Researchers Programme 2024. Deadline for applications: January 12, 2024. Link

For the Visually Impaired
If you are visually impaired, The Innovation Journal would be happy to send you an electronic copy of the original word processed document that has been published in Acrobat on our site.

Impact Factor

Scopus SC Imago ranks public administration journals by citations. Its SJR indicator measures the scientific influence of the average article in a journal, expressing how central to the global scientific discussion an average article of the journal is. The measure Cites per Doc. (2 years) measures the scientific impact of an average article published in the journal within two years of publication; it is computed using the same formula as Journal Impact Factor™ (Thomson Reuters). It also measures the impact within three years. In 2022, TIJ ranked 125th, Q3 worldwide with a SJR of 0.246 and an H-index of 18 among the top 177 public administration journals, the ones that met the Scimago criteria. In 2021, TIJ ranked 85th, Q3 (4 short of a Q2 rating) with a SJR of 0.371 and an H-index of 17 among the top 172 public administration journals. In 2019, TIJ ranked 97th, Q3 among the top 164 public administration journals. It received a two-year average of 0.33 (was 1.67) cites per article and total cites of 106, 5.6 per article within three years. Because TIJ publishes in a specialized field, it receives fewer citations than more general journals. Nonetheless, it publishes most of the material on public sector innovation worldwide. See Scopus SC Imago.

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Eleanor Glor
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