Volume 14 numéro 2, 2009


1. Social Inventions, by Stu Conger, Former Chairman and Executive Director, Saskatchewan NewStart Inc., Canada

Scholarly-Style Articles:

2. Technological Cooperation: A New Type of Relations in the Progress of National Innovation Systems, by Nieves Arranz, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, UNED and Juan C. Fdez. de Arroyabe, ESIC Business & Marketing School, Spain.

3. Information Asymmetry and the Contracting Out Process, by Francis Amagoh, Department of Public Administration, KIMEP, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Case Studies:

4. Innovating in the German Public Sector: How a Think Tank Frames the Debate on NPM, by Rick Vogel and Jetta Frost, University of Hamburg, Germany

5. Challenges for Urban Environments in the Implementation of Dual Language Programs, by Lucia Buttaro, Adelphi University, USA.

Book Reviews:

6.Governing by Network: The new Shape of the Public Sector, by Stephen Goldsmith and William D. Eggers, reviewed by Dumisani Mphalala, Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI), South Africa.

7. The Brain that Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science, by Norman Doidge, reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Seneca College, Canada

8. A Cognitive Theory of the Firm: Learning, Governance and Dynamic Capabilities, by Bart Nooteboom, reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Seneca College, Canada

9. Collective Intelligence: Creating a Prosperous World at Peace, by Mark Tovey, ed., reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Seneca College, Canada

La Revue de l’innovation:

Articles évalués par un comite de lecture :

10. Evaluation ex-ante du service offert par le RFId à la bibliothèque, par Alex Durand, Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor, Grand-duché de Luxembourg


11. L’Innovation une affaire d’état : gagnants et perdants de la troisième révolution industrielle, par Claude Rochet, recension par Ian Roberge, Collège Glendon, Université York, Toronto, Canada.

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