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Volume 22 Issue 2, 2017

Open Issue

Scholarly-Style Papers:

1. Studying Factors Affecting Creation and Fate of Innovations and their Organizations I: A New Instrument by Eleanor D. Glor, School of Public Policy and Administration, York University, Canada.

2. Evolution of organizational ambidexterity in the public sector and current challenges of innovation capabilities, by Owen Boukamel and Yves Emery, Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration, Université de Lausanne, Switzerland.

Discussion Paper:

3. From NASA to EU: the evolution of the TRL scale in Public Sector Innovation, by Mihály Héder, Research Fellow, Institute for Computer Science and Control, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary.

Book Reviews:

4. Governing Public-Private Partnerships, by Joshua Newman, reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Seneca College, Canada.

5. No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need, by Naomi Klein, reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Seneca College, Canada.

6. The Wealth of Humans: Work, Power and Status in the Twenty-first Century, by Ryan Avent, reviewed by Donald R. Officer, Toronto, Canada.

7. Understanding Climate Change: Science, Policy, and Practice, by Sarah L. Burch and Sara E. Harris, reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Seneca College, Toronto, Canada.

8. The New Lawyer: How Settlement Is Transforming the Practice of Law¸ 2nd edition, by Julie Macfarlane, reviewed by Howard A. Doughty

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