The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal, 9(2), 2004, article 8.


Comment on "Scientific Collaboration Between Government and Industry"


April 1, 2004 (PDF)

The only one that ever worked was based on a RBIS (resource Based Investment System) using a CP3 (Canadian public Private / Partnership) approach. Operated on a new technology called S.U.R.F. that makes it simple to create partnerships and redistribute the benefits according to effort no now much money one brings t the effort.

If you ever would like to put on a workshop to better understand what an RBIS is and what it can do let me know. It is the wave of the future when you are in as much financial trouble as we are in country wide and at all levels and no means to generate enough money to fix ll the problems but we do have the means and at a cost everyone can afford.

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