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Is Innovation a Question of Will or Circumstance?

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An Exploration of the Innovation Process Through the

Lens of the Blakeney Government in Saskatchewan, 1971-82


Edited by Eleanor D. Glor

Is Innovation a Question of Will or Circumstance?

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Table of Contents



Introduction: How Can the Innovation Process Be Understood?: Eleanor Glor

Section I: Central Agency Innovation

  • Chapter 1: Changes in Central Management: D. Murray Wallace
  • Chapter 2: Planning, Financial Management, Accountability and Administration: Eleanor Glor
  • Chapter 3: Managing Change in Economic Development: Eleanor Glor
  • Chapter 4: Central Secretariat-Based Change: The Potash Take-Over: John Burton

Section II: Line Department Processes

  • Chapter 5: Horizontal Management: Creating the Department of Northern Saskatchewan: Jerry Hammersmith and Bob Hauk
  • Chapter 6: Managing From a Line Perspective: Saskatchewan Transportation, 1971-1981: Eiling Kramer and Tom Gentles
  • Chapter 7: A Comprehensive Labour Reform: Gordon Snyder
  • Chapter 8: The Government Tango: Communications and Coordination: Eleanor Glor

Section III: How Should the Innovation Process Be Understood?

  • Chapter 9: Voluntarism: Innovation in Saskatchewan as Planning and Implementation: Eleanor Glor
  • Chapter 10: Determinism: Innovation as Emergent: Eleanor Glor

Conclusion: Is Innovation a Question of Will or Circumstance? Eleanor Glor



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