Volume 01, Issue 1, 1995
Open Issue


The Innovation Salon Schedule PDF

Location: Canadian Centre for Management Development,

65 Guigues, Ottawa, Canada


February 16, 1995 (first meeting)
A Discussion lead by Eleanor Glor
What is innovation? Definitions

What is the role of political programs in innovation? Do they support or
hinder innovation? Are the programs and policies in the Liberal policy program
(the Red Book) innovative? Which ones?

March 16:
A Discussion lead by Eleanor Glor
The Role of Values in Innovation — Importance of understanding the values,
ideology and politics behind innovations.

PS 2000: Why did it not create fundamental change in the federal PS? Did it
introduce the value changes that made change possible later, when pressure was
greater? Gordon Roston, Treasury Board

April 20:
The Conference Board “Executive Study Tour on Empowerment,” December
Guests: participants in the tour Josie Whiting, CIDA and Public Service
Commission, Nicole Mendenhall, Revenue Canada and Mary Murphy, Training Programs Branch,
Public Service Commission.

May 18:
A Discussion lead by Eleanor Glor
The role of risk-taking and failure in innovation in the public sector.

June 15:
Nunavut: an Aboriginal Self-Government Innovation or an Imitation of the Federal
Government? John Merritt, Legal Counsel, Nunavut Implementation Committee

Summer break

October 19:
Private Sector Innovation in Ottawa: Jim Roche, Newbridge Networks Corporation

November 16:
Public Sector Innovations from Other Countries: Claire McQuillan, Vice
President, Institute on Governance


November 4 1995

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