The Innovation Journal: A Special Issue on Employee Empowerment

Volume 9, Issue 1

(January - February), 2004

Edited by Don de Guerre

1. Editor's Introduction to the Special Issue on Employee Empowerment

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

2. The Process of Engagement: Examination of management values as a change strategy in Veterans Affairs Canada, by Michael Miles

3. Critical Challenges of the Learning Red Zone: Senior Managers in Empowering Organizational Change, by Marilyn Taylor

4. Employee Empowerment: Democracy or Delusion, by Howard Doughty

5. Empowerment and Process Consultation, by Henry Hornstein

6. Active Adaptation of Municipal Government, by Don de Guerre and Henry Hornstein

Discussion Papers:

7. The Followership Continuum: A Model for Increasing Organizational Productivity, by Patsy Baker Blackshear

8. Why Innovation Doesn't Work, by Ned Hamson

Book Reviews:

9. C. Heckscher, M. Maccoby, R. Ramirez, and P.E. Tixier. Agents of Change: Crossing the Post-Industrial Divide, reviewed by Rosane Giovis

10. M. M. Beyerlein, G. Klein, & L. Broedling (Eds.). 2003. The Collaborative Work Systems Fieldbook: Strategies for Building Successful Teams, reviewed by Amanda Hunt



Created January 7 2004

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