Volume 9, Issue 2

March - April 2004

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

1. A Topographical Map of the Innovation Landscape, by VE Ross, AW Kleingeld and L Lorenzen

2. Innovations du travail et fonction publique: des efforts louables; un arrimage difficile, par Denis Harrisson et Nathalie Roy

3. Is the Internet Politics as Usual or Democracy's Future? Candidate Campaign Web Sites in the 2001 Alberta and British Columbia Provincial Elections, by Harold J. Jansen

Case Studies:

4. World Changers: Successful Partnership for Housing Rehabilitation, by Louis R Hill, Jr

Discussion Papers:

5. Commercial Innovation: A Policy Stocktaking, by Val Traversy

6. The Internet as a Metaphor for the Role of the Modern Government Laboratory, by Ron Freedman

7. The Experience of Transforming the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Denmark into a Development Oriented Organization, by Birgit Kjølby

8. Scientific Collaboration Between Government and Industry: A viewpoint position paper on sharing intellectual property rights within the framework of collaborative research agreements between the federal government and the private sector, by Steve Bittner. Read a comment on this paper.

Book Reviews/Essays:

9. The Government Taketh Away: The Politics of Pain in Canada and the United States, edited by Leslie A. Pal and R. Kent Weaver, reviewed by Howard A. Doughty

10. Managing Innovation: a review essay by Eleanor Glor


La Revue de l'innovation : La Revue de l'innovation dans le secteur public 1

11. La collaboration scientifique entre le gouvernement et le secteur industriel: Réflexion de type point de vue sur le partage de droits de propriété intellectuelle dans le cadre d'Ententes de recherche en collaboration entre le gouvernement fédéral et le secteur privé, par Steve Bittner



Published October 23 2004

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