Volume 8, Issue 3 (June - August 2003)

Edited by Val Clapper & Tom Lynch

A Special Issue on the Ethics of Innovation

1. Editors' Introduction to the special issue on the Ethics of Innovation, by Val Clapper (31/08/03)

Peer-Reviewed Papers:

2. Jürgen Habermas' Concept of Universal Pragmatics: A Practical Approach to Ethics and Innovation, by Howard A. Doughty (31/08/03)

3. Innovation Traps: Risks and Challenges in Thinking About Innovation, by Eleanor D. Glor (31/08/03) - Read a comment on this paper.

4. The Ethics of Innovation and the Development of Innovative Projects, by Ian Greene (31/08/03)

5. Justice, Business, and the Ethics of Innovation in Canadian Nuclear Waste Management, by Genevieve Fuji Johnson (31/08/03)

6. The Ethics of Quality Improvement: Practitioners’ Perspectives, by Melissa Bottrell (31/08/03)


Other Material:

Peer-Reviewed Papers:

7. The British Labour Government and the Private Finance Initiative in the National Health Service: A Case of Pragmatic Policy-Making? by Eric Shaw (03/07/03)

8. Modeling Differences: The Application of the Logic Model to Public Policy Analysis, by Santa Falcone (31/08/03)

Book Essay:

9. Creativity Enhancement Books: How To, Not What To, by Eleanor Glor (31/08/03)




Published September 13 2003

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