Volume 8, Issue 2, (April - May 2003)

Edited by Stu Conger

A Special issue on Innovations in Governance

1. Editor's Introduction to the special issue on Innovations in Governance (05/05/03)

Peer-Reviewed Papers:

2. Governance Through Community Partnerships: A Model for Public Funding of Private Schools in Australia, by Chris Aulich (05/05/03)

3. "Don't just do something, stand there!": Revisiting the Issue of Risks in Innovation in the Public Sector, by Gambhir Bhatta (05/05/03)

4. Gone Today, Here Tomorrow, by Howard Doughty (05/05/03)

Book Reviews:

5. The Transformation of Governance: Public administration for the twenty-first century America, reviewed by Stu Conger (05/05/03)

6. Governance in the Twenty-first Century: revitalizing the public service, reviewed by Stu Conger (05/05/03)


7. To support his book Social Inventions, by Stu Conger prepared histories of inventions. His table of educational inventions is now available online.


8. CAPAM International Innovation Awards Programme, 2001-2002 (Theme: Innovations in Governance)


9. Community Governance Reference List

10. Electronic Governance: Living and Working in the Wired World (excerpts from the book, by Thomas B. Riley)

Other Material:

Book Reviews:

11. Empire of Disorder, reviewed by Michael Whealen (15/05/03)

12. Empire: The Rise and Demise of the British World Order and the Lessons for Global Power, reviewed by Howard Doughty (15/05/03)


Published April May 2003

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