Volume 8 Issue 1 (January - March 2003)

Edited by Parthasarathi Banerjee

The Innovation Journal:

A Special Issue on Designing Innovation

Editor's Introduction:

1. Designing the Designs: Designing innovations in human affairs, by Parthasathi Banerjee (10/03/2003)

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

2. Incentives to Innovation in Development Governance: Some Aspects of Information System Designing, by Parthasarathi Banerjee (10/03/2003)

3. Innovations in Workforce Management: the Electronic Learning Record, Prior Learning Assessment, and Human Capital Accounting, by Dr. Kathryn Barker (10/03/2003)

4. Digital Governance Models: moving towards good governance in developing countries, by Vikas Nath (10/03/2003)

5. Strategic Innovations in Post-Conflict Situations: Comparative Use of Large-Group Stakeholder Interaction Methods: New Definitions, New Alliances and the Triumph of Optimism, by Jeanne-Marie Col (30/03/2003)

Discussion Papers:

6. Design: the somewhat unknown but key ingredient in innovation, by Glen Milne (24/03/2003)

Review Essay:

7. Cities in Civilization, by Peter Hall, Reviewed by Eleanor Glor (10/03/2003)

Book Reviews:

8. Canada's Innovation Strategy: The Politics of Partnership, Review essay by Howard Doughty (04/05/2003)

9. New Players, Partners and Processes: A Public Sector without Boundaries? Edited by Meredith Edwards and John Langford, Reviewed by David C. Dibbon. (04/05/2003)

10. The Growth Warriors: Creating Sustain able Global Advantage for America's Technology Industries orthridge CA: Technology Perspectives, 1999, by Ron Mascitelli, Reviewed by Gregory G. Gaydos (04/05/2003)


Published April 05 2003

Last updated: January 10 2022