Volume 7, No. 3, 2002

Innovations in Leadership

Edited by Aïda A. Warah

A Special Issue on Innovations in Leadership

1. An Introduction by the Editor

Peer Reviewed Articles:

2. Classic Theories – Contemporary Applications: a comparative study of the implementation of innovation in Canadian and Chinese Public Sector environments by Michael Miles, Arun Thangaraj, Wang Dawei and Ma Huiqin

3. Governance, Power and Ego Development: Toward the Democratic Organization by Aïda A. Warah

4. The Reality of Innovation in Government by Nada Teofilovic

Discussion Papers:

5. Leadership and Innovation: Relating to Circumstances and Change by Jim Selman

Case Studies:

6. Federal-Provincial Business Registry Services and Payment System: Offering Electronic Inter-jurisdictional Services Based on Business Needs by Stuart MacLean

Book Reviews:

7. Beyond work-family balance: Advancing gender equity and workplace performance, reviewed by Mark Hammer

8. Primal Leadership: Realizing the power of emotional intelligence, reviewed by Mark Hammer

Other Material

Discussion Papers:

9. Are Your Innovation Ducks All In A Row? by Andy Radka (19/12/2002)

Case Studies:

10. Management Tools For Creating Government Responsiveness: The Liquor Control Board of Ontario as a Context for Creating Change by Rosemary McInerney and David Barrows

11. The Participative Budget in Porto Alegre: Insights from a Study Visit of a Canadian Councillor by Clive Doucet. - Read a comment on this paper.

Book Reviews:

12. The New Public Organization, reviewed by Wendy MacDonald

13. Creating the Innovation Culture: Leveraging Visionaries, Dissenters and Other Useful Troublemakers in Your Organization, reviewed by Eleanor D. Glor


14. A new Innovation Salon has been set up in Edmonton

15. Notes from J. Adam Holbrook's presentation to the Ottawa Salon of Sept. 6, 2002

16. Schedule for Fall 2002


17. Innovation Memes by Raymond Bouchard

18. Innovation Guru Insights by Elaine Dundon and Alex Pattakos

Call for Papers:

The Innovation Journal will be publishing ten more special issues prepared by guest editors over the next year or so, on the themes of:



Ethics of Innovation

Tom Lynch & Val Clapper

Designing Innovation

Partha Banerjee

Innovations in Leadership

Aida Warah

The Innovation Context

James L. Perry

Organizational Partnerships

Adam Holbrook

Innovation Processes and Tools

Bill Eimicke & Steve Cohen

Evaluating Innovation

Melvin Dubnick

Rules Innovation

Kernaghan Webb

Employee Empowerment

Don de Guerre

Client Empowerment

Monica Dowling

Public Empowerment and Engagement

To be announced

French papers

Lucie Rouillard

New Members of the Editorial Board:

Denis Harrisson, professeur au département de relations industrielles de l’Université du Québec à Hull et directeur adjoint de CRISES

Michael Miles, Faculty Member, University of Ottawa, teaching Organization Development and Change, Strategy, and System Thinking



Published December 2002

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