Volume 7, Issue 2

(May-June), 2002


1. Innovation Memes, by Raymond Bouchard

2. Innovation Guru Insights, by Elaine Dundon and Alex Pattakos

Innovation Workshop:

3. Proceedings

4. Papers

Case Studies:

5. Factors for Success in Participative Community Planning: Lessons from a Case Study in Child Welfare in the Province of Alberta, by Peter Gabor and Ian Greene

Discussion Papers:

6. Trust Correlated with Innovation Adoption in Hospital Organizations, by Stephen R. Herting

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

7. Eleanor Glor's papers Innovation Patterns and Key Factors Influencing Innovation In Government are available in Adobe Acrobat format

Book Reviews:

8. Nor Commit A Social Science, a review essay by Howard A. Doughty

9. Globalization and the Decline of Social Reform, Into the Twenty-first Century and Reimagining Social Welfare, Beyond the Keynesian Welfare State, reviewed by Howard Doughty

10. Exposing Privatization: Women and Health Care Reform in Canada, reviewed by Howard Doughty


11. Presentation - Engineering Innovation: Some Useful Techniques, by Doug Hull

Upcoming Special Theme Issues:

Ethics of Innovation
Designing Innovation
Innovation Leadership
The Innovation Context
Organizational Partnerships
Innovation Processes and Tools
Evaluating Innovation
Rules Innovation
Employee Empowerment
Client Empowerment
Public Empowerment and Engagement



Published June 22 2007

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