Volume 7, Issue 1

(January - April), 2002



1. The latest book published by The Innovation Journal: Social Inventions, by Stuart Conger

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

2. Partners in Progress: S&T Productivity in the National Research Council and Canada's Research Universities, by Hassan Masum and Jack Smith

Innovation Workshop Papers:

3. Read the Workshop Papers from February's Workshop on Public Sector Innovation in Ottawa, Canada

Book Reviews:

4. The Future of Government, a review essay by William Sheridan

5. Performance-Based Instruction: Linking Training to Business Results, reviewed by Charles Bishop

6. Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire, reviewed by Michael Whealen

Innovation Salon:

7. Innovation Salon & Audio Salon: Doug Hull's presentation on Innovation and Schooling, March 18, 2002. Sound now available. Download the MP3 audio recording.


Published April 22 2002

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