Volume 6, Issue 2

(February - June) 2001

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

1. Key Factors Influencing Innovation In Government, by Eleanor D. Glor

2. Applying Virtue Ethics to the Challenge of Corruption, by Charles Garofalo, Dean Geuras, Thomas D. Lynch, and Cynthia E. Lynch

Discussion Papers:

3. An Innovative Manager's Check-List, by Eleanor Glor

4. Revisioning Bureaucracy for More Effective Government, by Bob Holder

Book Reviews:

5. Working Poor, by Howard A. Doughty

6. Making Sense of Management: A Critical Introduction, by Mats Alvesson and Hugh Willmott, reviewed by Eleanor Glor.


7. CAPAM International Innovations Awards Programme
1999-2000 Award Winners, Finalists and Nominees


8. Innovation in Government Workplaces


9. An Innovation Conference is being planned in Ottawa, Canada, February 11, 12, 2002.

Published June 22, 2001

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