Volume 6, Issue 1

(October 2000 - January) 2001

Discussion Papers:

1. Public Sector Innovations and Public Interest Issues, by Jim Armstrong and Robin Ford, Consultants

2. Research in Organizational Design: The Capacity for Innovation in Large, Complex Organizations, by Colonel Joseph R. Cerami, Chairman, Department of National Security and Strategy, U.S. Army War College

Book Reviews:

3. Review Essay of Works by Stephen Jay Gould, Review by Howard A. Doughty, Seneca College, Canada


4. A Consultation with Innovation Journal Readers on the Contents of an Innovation Conference

Case Studies of Innovation:

5. Negotiating Labour Market Development Agreements in Canada, by Herman Bakvis and Peter Aucoin


6. The APEX (Association of Public Executives of the Government of Canada) Award for Leadership in Service Innovation 2000 Winner

7. George Land World Class Innovation Award Winners


Published January 22, 2001

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