Volume 5, Issue 2

(May - August), 2000

The Innovation Journal's First Full Length Book:

1. Is Innovation a Question of Will or Circumstance? Edited by Eleanor D. Glor. What is most important in creating innovation in government, creating the will to do so or adapting to the environment in which the innovation is being created? Can practitioners and observers learn best about innovation through analysis of case studies or study of causes? Is innovation voluntary or determined?

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

2. Incremental Policy Development and Processes: Creation of the Department of Northern Saskatchewan, by Jerry Hammersmith and Bob Hauck. The Department of Northern Saskatchewan (DNS) story illustrates a vision initially expressed, but later abandoned, choices not taken and an opportunity missed.

Discussion Papers

3. Urban Renaissance: Enhancing the Past Inventing the Future Drivers and Obstacles to Innovation and Change, by Voula Mega, PhD.

4. Innovation in Policy Analysis, by Colonel Joseph R. Cerami

Case Studies:

5. Three Swedish cases from the First Quality Conference for Public Administrations in the European Union, Sharing Best Practices, Lisbon, Portugal May 10-12, 2000:

6. Swedish Customs Administration

7. Open Customer Systems in the Swedish Public Employment Service, by Clas Almén and Göran Åhma

8. The System for Self-Service Access to the Swedish Vehicle Registry, by Lars Carlsson, Yngve Jotoft

Book Reviews:

9. The Spirit in the Gene: Humanity’s Proud Illusion and the Laws of Nature, by Reg Morrison. Reviewed by Steven B. Kurtz

Published October 23, 2001

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