Volume 4, Issue 3

(September - December), 1999

Discussion Papers:

1. Should government be a tool of enterprise? by Ray Deonandan

2. Some Thoughts on Definitions of Innovation, by The Innovation Journal Editorial Board: Jack Smith, Eleanor Glor, Otto Brodtrick

Book Reviews:

3. Innovation in American Government: Challenges and Dilemmas, by Alan A. Altshuler and Robert D. Behn, eds., Reviewed by Eleanor Gor

Innovation Salon:

4. Thursday, November 18, 1999 Sandy Borins: Public Management Innovation: A Global Perspective


5. Ten winners of the 1999 Innovations in American Government Awards.

6. New award for German, Austrian and Swiss public organisations, the Speyer Quality Award

7. Readings on Innovation Awards

Case Studies:

8. Good Practices in Citizen-Centred Service

9. A Case of Innovation in a Government Setting: Industry Canada's Strategis

Published December 22, 1999

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