Volume 4, Issue 2

(May - August), 1999

Discussion Papers:

1. An Exchange on Definitions of Innovation, from the Innovative Management Network

2. The Underpinnings of Accelerated Dynamics and Utilitarianism: the Shifting Roles of Governance in the Knowledge Economy, by Peter E. Gunther

Roundtable on Innovation and Risk-Taking (4 papers):

7. Innovation in Not For Profits and Government by Pat Griffith

Peer Reviewed Article:

8. Sustainable development: three innovative models of public management by C P Beukman and Toby Harfield

Case Studies:

9. Empowerment and Workforce Adjustment in the Niagara Area Office of Human Resources Development Canada

Notes from the Innovation Salon:

10. On Change Management March 1999

Published August 22, 1999

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