Volume 4, Issue 2

(May - August), 1999

Discussion Papers:

1. An Exchange on Definitions of Innovation, from the Innovative Management Network

2. The Underpinnings of Accelerated Dynamics and Utilitarianism: The Shifting Roles of Governance in the Knowledge Economy, by Peter E. Gunther

Roundtable on Innovation and Risk-Taking (4 papers):

3. Innovation in the Federal Government

4. The Risk Not Taken, a discussion paper prepared by the Public Policy Forum as a background document.

5. An Industry Canada Perspective, by Kevin Lynch, Deputy Minister, Industry Canada

6. The Role and Perspective of the Office of the Auditor General of Canada, by the Auditor General of Canada

7. Innovation in Not For Profits and Government by Pat Griffith

Peer Reviewed Article:

8. Sustainable development: three innovative models of public management, by C P Beukman and Toby Harfield

Case Studies:

9. Empowerment and Workforce Adjustment in the Niagara Area Office of Human Resources Development Canada, by Ken Loucks and Michaek B. Rogertson

Notes from the Innovation Salon:

10. On Change Management March 1999

Published August 22, 1999

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