Volume 4, Issue 1

(January - April), 1999

Discussion Papers:

1. Turbulence and Urban Innovation by Terry Nichols Clark, Fiscal Austerity and Urban Innovation Project

2. Answers to the question What is the Difference Between Change Management and Innovation?

3. The Challenges Facing Today's Leaders by André Gladu of Human Resources Development Canada

4. The Connection among Magic, Innovation and Decision Making: Ralph V. Barrett and Howard Doughty

5. The important implications of the The Third Culture by Kevin Kelly, Executive Editor of "Wired"

6. An article on the National Performance Review, Employee Survey Results by Stephen Barr

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

7. Deep Prejudice by Howard A. Doughty and Philip H. King (Was published, last year, as a "Discusion Paper" in Volume 3 issue 3 article 1)

Innovation Salon:

8. Next Innovation Salon Thursday April 22: Michael P. Wright: Canada Post: Revolution at Canada Post


9. Winners of the 1998 APEX award.

10. Winners of the first CAPAM International Innovations Awards Programme have been chosen!

Book Reviews:

11. Eleanor Glor's favourite books of 1998.

12. Howard Doughty: The Interpretation of Technology: Arthur Kroker and the Canadian Mind.

13. Global Warning! Debating International Developments in New Public Financial Management by Olov Olson, James Guthrie, and Christopher Humphrey.

14. Entropy: A New World View, Algeny, and The End of Work. The Decline of the Global Labor Force and the Dawn of the Post-Market Era Authors: Jeremy Rifkin, Ted Howard, and Nicanor Perlas. Reviewed by Howard Doughty

Published (January - April) 1999

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