Volume 3, Issue 1

(January - April), 1998

Discussion Papers:

1. The Role of Innovation Awards, by Eleanor Glor

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

2. What Do We Know About Enhancing Creativity and Innovation? A Review of Literature, by Eleanor Glor

Book Reviews:

3. Policing the Risk Society, by Richard V. Ericson and Kevin D. Haggerty, and Harm Reduction: A New Direction for Drug Policies and Programs, edited by Patricia G. Erikson, Diane A Riley, Yuet W. Cheung and Patrick A. O'Hare. Review by Howard Doughty.

4. Needs Assessment: A Creative and Practical Guide for Social Scientists, edited by Rebecca Reviere, Susan Berkowitz, Carolyn C. Carter, and Carolyn Graves Ferguson, Review by Gerald Halpern.

Case Studies:

5. Application of Creative Problem Solving Processes to R&D Planning: a study in Urban Roads Technology Research, by J. André Potworowski, Guy Y.Félio and J.H.LaVeme Palmer.

Published April 22, 1998

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