Volume 15, Issue 2, 2010

A Special Issue on Ethics

Edited by Mario Rivera, Editor and

James D. Ward, Contributing Issue Editor


1. Introductionto the Symposium Issue, by Mario A. Rivera, University of New Mexico and James D. Ward, Mississippi University for Women, USA

Peer-Reviewed Papers:

2. Making a Difference: Strategies for Scaling Social Innovation for Greater Impact , by Frances Westley and Nino Antadze, Social Innovation Generation (SIG), University of Waterloo , Canada

3. The Ethics of Pedagogical Innovation in Diversity and Cultural Competency Education, by Mario Rivera, Richard Greggory Johnson III, University of Vermont, and James D. Ward

4. Creative Commons: Towards the Non-Proprietary Innovation Triangles for Pro-Poor Innovation in Rural and Agricultural Development Partnerships, by Laxmi Prasad Pant and Helen Hambly Odame, University of Guelph, Canada.

5. Ethics Codes and their Administration: A Particularly Illustrative Case Study and a Call for Collaboration, by Manfred F. Meine and Thomas P. Dunn, Troy University, USA

6. Applications for official support – an innovative way to promote grassroots initiatives, by Miklós Antal, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

7. Linking Innovation Process to the Provisioning of Public Goods: the Case of Neglected Diseases, by Shishir K. Jha, Mukundan R. and Karuna Jain, School of Management , IIT Bombay, India

8. IntegratedEthics: An Innovative Program to Improve Ethics Quality in Healthcare, by Ellen Fox, MD, National Center for Ethics in Health Care, United States, Department of Veterans Affairs

Book Reviews:

9. Corporate Social Responsibility: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly , by Subhabrata Banerjee, reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Seneca College, Canada.

10. The Cultural Politics of Human Rights: Comparing the US and UK , by Kate Nash, reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Seneca College, Canada.

11. Discourse and Community: Multidisciplinary Studies in Canadian Culture , edited by Howard A. Doughty and Marino Tuzi, reviewed by Eleanor D. Glor, The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal.

12. Dimensions of Prejudice: Towards a Political Economy of Bigotry, by Zak Cope, reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Seneca College, Canada.

13. Rethinking Leadership and "Whole of Government" National Security Reform: Problems, Progress and Prospects , by Joseph B. Cerami & Jeffrey A. Engel, reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Seneca College, Canada.

14. Innovation, Evolution and Economic Change: New Ideas in the Tradition of Galbraith, by Blandine Laperche, James K. Galbraith, & Dimitri Uzunidas, reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Seneca College, Canada.

15. Recent Advances in Neo-Schumpeterian Economics: Essays in Honour of Horst Hanusch , by Andreas Pyka, Uwe Cantner, Alfred Greiner and Thomas Kuhn, (eds.), reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Seneca College, Canada

16. Europe, Globalization and the Lisbon Agenda , by Maria João Rodrigues, ed., reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Seneca College, Canada

Recension :

17. Les sentinelles de l’argent sale : les banques aux prises avec l’antiblanchiment , par Gilles Favarel-Garrigues, Thierry Godefroy et Pierre Lascoumes, recension par Ian Roberge, Université York, Canada.

Links to Volume 15(3), 2010:

Ethics of Innovation for Public Service Professionals: by Gerald Andrews Emison (peer-reviewed article)

The Ethics Primer for Public Administrators in Government and Nonprofit Organizations, by James Svara, reviewed by Howard A. Dough (book Review)


Published August 26 2010

Last updated: December 20 2018