Volume 14, Issue 1 2009

A Special Issue on Leadership

Edited by Richard H. Beinecke

Scholarly-Style Papers

1. Introduction: Leadership for Wicked Problems, by Richard H. Beinecke, USA

2. The Practice of Collective Leadership in the Public Sector, by Lilly LeMay, Canada

3. Leadership and Organizational Strategy, by Matthew R. Fairholm, USA

4. Getting to Integration: Command and Control or Emergent Process, by Steve Lurie, Canada

5. Daring Decisions and Representative Municipal Democracy: An Exploration within the New River Management in the Netherlands, by Peter Scholten, The Netherlands

6. The Evaluation of a Local Whole Systems Intervention for Improved Team Working and Leadership in Mental Health Services, by Steve Onyett, Anne Rees, Carol Borrill, David Shapiro & Sarahjoy Boldison, UK

Case Study:

7. Inspiring the Future of Mental Health and Addictions in New Zealand: The Blueprint Executive Leadership and Management Programmes, by Sally Pitts-Brown & Janet Peters, New Zealand

Book Reviews:

8. Gwen Ifill, Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama: reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Canada

9. Tom Christensen and Per Lægreid, editors, Transcending New Public Management: The Transformation of Public Sector Reforms, reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Canada

10. Andrew Carey, Inside Project Red Stripe: Incubating Innovation and Teamwork at The Economist, reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Canada

11. Thomas Homer-Dixon, The Upside of Down: Catastrophe: Creativity and the Renewal of Civilization, reviewed by Ed Weick, Canada

12. Allan Blakeney, An Honourable Calling: Political Memoirs, reviewed by Eleanor Glor, Canada

An Acknowledgement:

13. Ken Kernaghan, a public administration leader, by Michael Duggett, UK


Publisned February 24 2009

Last updated: December 27 2019