Volume 13, Issue 3, 2008

Special Issue on Complexity

Edited by Jeffrey Goldstein

1. Editorial Introduction: Complexity Science Applied to Innovation - Theory meets Praxis” Jeffrey Goldstein

Scholarly-Style Papers:

2. The Last Mile of the Market: How Network Technologies, Architectures of Participation and Peer Production Transform the Design of Work and Labour”, by John Verdon

3. Perspectives on Organizational Change: Systems and Complexity Theories”, by Francis Amagoh

4. Overcoming Failure of Imagination in Crisis Management: The Complex Adaptive System”, by Michael Bolton & Greg Stolcis

5. Toward a Micro-Enactment Theory of Leadership and the Emergence of Innovation”, by Joyce Silberstang & Jim Hazy

6. Toward Development of a Substantive Theory of Public Sector Organizational Innovation”, by Eleanor Glor

7. Between Implementation and Outcomes, Growth Matters: Grounding an Agent-Based Modeling Approach for Understanding Collaboration Process Management”, by Erik Johnston, Ning Nan, Wei Zhong, & Darrin Hicks

8. The Role of Complexity Dynamics in the Innovation Process within the new Primary-Care Governance Model in Portugal”, by Luís Velez Lapão

9. Modern Information Literacy Innovates Library by Systems Thinking”, by Zdenka Petermanec and Matja Mulej

10. A Complexity Response to Funding Public Education”, by Alexander Dawoody

11. “Diagnosis of Sparse Adoption Data using an Expert System-Guided Innovation Diffusion Simulation Model”, by Alan J. Thomson

12. Bios Theory of Innovation”, by Héctor Sabelli

13. Innovation Complexity in the Dynamic Development of an Enterprise: Case Study of the Innovation Marvel of the Shandong Mine Area”, by Hua-ling Song, Jin-ke Li , Guo-feng Wen, & Hong-yan Li

Book Review:

14. The Black Swan. The Impact of the Highly Improbable by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, reviewed by James Iain Gow

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December 20 2008

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