Volume 13, Issue 1 2008

A Special Issue on Client Empowerment

Edited by Monica Dowling

1. Introduction to the Special Issue, on Client Empowerment by Monica Dowling, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

Scholarly-Style Articles:

2. Democratising Social Work – A Key Element of Innovation, From ‘client’ as object, to service user as producer, by Peter Beresford, Centre of Citizen Participation, Brunel University, UK and Suzy Croft, St John’s Hospice, London, UK

3. Client Empowerment and Quality Assurance, by Monica Dowling, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

4. Meaning-Making and Client Empowerment, The Basic Needs Incentive Model by Una Medina and Mario Rivera, University of New Mexico, Sharon Rogers, Public Service Company of New Mexico, and Christina Shapiro, Webster University, all of Albuquerque, USA

5. Innovation still needed? Service User Participation in Social Care Services and Practice-led Management by Janet Seden, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

6. Biography as empowerment or appropriation, research and practice issues by Joanna Bornat, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK and Jan Walmsley, Honorary Research Fellow, Norah Fry Research Centre, University of Bristol, UK

7. Commentary: Client Involvement in Public Administration Research and Evaluation, by Richard H. Beinecke, Department of Public Management, Suffolk University, Boston, USA and Jonathan Delman, Executive Director of Consumer Quality Initiatives Inc. (CQI Inc.), USA

8. Knowledge-based Services with Information and Communication Technologies ICT) Support – A tool for Women Empowerment by Rekha Prasad, Faculty of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India

Case Study

9. “Growing To Work Enterprise”, Enhanced Client Empowerment Accomplished via Innovations in a Local Welfare-To-Work Program by Marvin Pichla, Thumb Area Michigan Works! Agency, Marlette, Michigan, USA

Book Reviews

10. Service User and Carer Involvement, by Mo McPhail, Reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Faculty of Applied Arts & Health Science, Seneca College, CANADA

11. Health and Social Care: Establishing a Joint Future? by Alison Petch, Reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Faculty of Applied Arts & Health Science, Seneca College, CANADA

12. Good to Great and the Social Sectors, A monograph to accompany Good to Great (why business thinking is not the answer) by J. Collins, Reviewed by Raymond A. Lemay, Services to Children and Adults, Plantagenet, CANADA


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Published May 01 2008

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