Volume 12, Issue 1 2007


1. Gardener Innovators Guide to Innovating Organizations, Using both analytic and whole systems approaches, this book identifies concepts, patterns, and skills needed to introduce one or many innovations in an organization. by Eleanor D. Glor (28/12/2006)

Scholarly-Style Articles:

2. Innovation in Public Management: the role and function of community knowledge, by Michael Hess and David Adams, Professors, Australian Innovation Research Centre, University of Tasmania, Australia

3. The Nature of Change and Innovation in Five Innovative Schools, by David C. Dibbon, Memorial University and Katina Pollock, OISE/University of Toronto, Canada

4. An Innovative Model of Service Development, a process guide for service managers, by Aruna Shekar, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand

5. Identifying Organizations Fit for Change, by Eleanor D. Glor, The Innovation Journal, Canada

Case Studies:

6. The Journey of a Creative Thought Leader, by Su Maddock, National School of Government, Manchester Business School, United Kingdom

Book Reviews:

7. Michael Barzelay and Colin Campbell, Preparing for the Future, Strategic Planning in the U.S. Air Force, reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Canada

8. Gustavo Ghidini, Intellectual Property and Competition Law, The Innovation Nexus, reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Canada


Editors. The Innovation Journal is seeking volunteer Discussion Papers and La Revue de l’innovation editors.

Calls for Papers. The deadline for receipt of abstracts/proposals for the special issues on Innovation in Developing Countries and Poverty Alleviation through Innovation in Developing Countries is March 31, 2007. As well, The Innovation Journal is interested in publishing theme issues on Client Empowerment (deadline June 30, 2007), Complexity and Innovation, Innovations in Learning, Creativity, Rules Innovation, Technology and Innovation, Innovations in Leadership in Public Administration, Innovations in Arab Countries, Innovation in Local Government and Innovations in Ethics. As always, we are interested in articles in English et en français and papers on other topics for open issues. For more information, see the Call for Papers at: http://www.innovation.cc/call_for_papers.htm

Other Conferences. Call for Papers International Biennial Seminar COMPLEXITY-2008, Havana, January 15-18th, 2008. mailto:complejidad@filosofia.cuwww.complexity-cuba.org

Sponsorship Opportunites . Sponsorship opportunities are available for The Innovation Journal. Contact the Editor-in-Chief, Eleanor Glor, at eglor@magma.ca.

Indexing TIJ. Part of the process in the development of any journal’s visibility and legitimacy is inclusion in Thomson’s ISI index. Thomson only accepts about 20% of the journals that apply for inclusion each year. We could do with a little help to increase our odds of success. Thomson has a website where you can recommend journals for inclusion. The address of the site is: http://scientific.thomson.com/forms/isi/journalrec/

Would you mind taking a moment to visit this site and completing the short recommendation form there? To help you do that, the publisher is Eleanor Glor, and I think a unique feature is that TIJ focuses on innovation in the public sector and offers separate sections for practitioner and scholarly-style papers. If readers and contributors to TIJ complete this form, then our chances of TIJ being included increase. If TIJ is included in this index it should be taken up by more libraries around the world, therefore increasing its readership (or at least its visibility to its potential readership) substantially.

Many thanks for your assistance.


Published April 7 2007

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