Volume 10, Issue 2, 2005

A Special Issue on New Public Management

Peer-Reviewed Section:

1. The Free-Market Innovation Machine and New Public Management, by Asle Rolland, Department of Public Governance, The Norwegian School of Management, and Statistics Norway, Norway.

2. Les partenariats privé-public comme nouvelle forme de gouvernance et alternative au dirigise étatique, ancrages théoriques et influences conceptuelles, par Hachimi Sanni Yaya, School of Management, Yale University, USA.

3. Bridging ‘Town & Gown’ Through Innovative University-community Partnerships, by Lawrence L. Martin, Center for Community Partnerships; Hayden P. Smith, Department of Public Affairs; and Wende Phillips, Center for Community Partnerships, all of University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, USA

Discussion Papers:

4. Innovation in a Re-emerging Economy: Lessons from the Hungarian Experience, by Katalin Eibel-Spanyi, Connecticut State University, USA

5. What do lawyers think about judicial evaluation, Responses to the Nova Scotia Judicial Development Project, by Dale H. Poel, Halifax, Canada

6. Innovation et partenariat Entreprise-Université en Algérie, quel rapprochement? by Filali Boumediene Faculté des Sciences Economiques, Université Djillali Liabes - Sidi.Bel.Abbes, Algérie

Two Discussion Papers on the Ontario Public Service:

7. Delivering Results through Quality, The Ontario Public Service Reaps the Benefits of its Quality Service Strategy by Lois Bain, A/Assistant Deputy Minister, Excellence and Innovation, Office of the Premier and Cabinet Office, Mazlin Darsi, Manager, E-Business Inspections, Ministry of Labour, both of Government of Ontario, and Jackie Stothers, formerly with the Ontario Public Service Restructuring Secretariat, Cabinet Office, Government of Ontario, Canada

8. Business Planning and the New Public Management, An Ontario Perspective, by Tom Wesson and David Barrows, Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada.

Review Essays:

9. Canada’s Systems of Innovation, reviewed by Eleanor D. Glor

Book Reviews:

10. The Psychology of Decision Making: People in Organizations, by Lee Roy Beach and Terry Connolly, reviewed by Howard A, Doughty, Seneca College, Canada

11. Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations, by Barry Dym and Harry Hutson,, reviewed by Howard A. Doughty, Seneca College, Canada

12. Handbook of Entrepreneurial Dynamics, by William B Gartner, Kelley G Shaver, Nancy M Carter, Paul D Reynolds, editors., reviewed by Howard A. Doughty


Call for Papers:

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Eleanor Glor
Editor in Chief


Published September 15 2005

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