Volume 10, Issue 1, 2005

A Special Issue on Citizen Engagement and Empowerment

Edited by Cheryl Simrell King

Introductory Essay:

1. Innovations in Citizen Engagement and Empowerment, Beyond Boundaries, by Cheryl Simrell King and Alicia Seegers Martinelli, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, USA

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

2. The Citizen-Innovator, by Ralf Brand, University of Texas at Austin, Nuremberg, Germany

3. Community Involvement in Protecting the Environment, The Role of Restoration Advisory Boards (RABs), by Dr. Ross Prizzia, University of Hawaii - West Oahu, Pearl City, HI, USA

4. Training and Professional Development for Civically Engaged Communities, by Kathe Callahan Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Campus at Newark, USA and Kaifeng Yang, Florida State University, USA

5. Improving Performance and Accountability in Local Government with Citizen Participation, by Pamela D. Gibson, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA; Donald P. Lacy, The Ohio State University, USA; and Michael J. Dougherty, West Virginia University, USA

6. Sustaining Citizen-Driven Performance Improvement, Models for Adoption and Issues of Sustainability, by Marc Holzer and Kathryn Kloby, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey – Newark Campus, Newark, NJ, USA

7. Learning Processes in International Accountability Mechanisms, by Richard E. Bissell, National Research Council, Washington, DC, USA

8. Participatory Processes, Creating a "Marketplace of Ideas" with Open Space Technology, by Denise O’Connor, Department of Political Science, McMaster University, Hamilton and Michelle Cooper, Integral Visions Consulting Inc., Canada

Discussion Papers:

9. About Empowerment, by Eleanor Glor, Editor-in-Chief, The Innovation Journal

Case Studies:

10. Empowerment through Service-Learning, Teaching Technology to Senior Citizens, by Sally R. Beisser, School of Education, Drake University, Des Moines, IA, USA and Stuart W. Shulman, Center for Social and Urban Research, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

11. The Best and the Brightest, Fostering Innovation and Community Involvement in Small Colorado Communities, by Kathryn Cheever and Robert Clifton, both of Center for NEW DIRECTIONS in Politics and Public Policy; and Aden Hogan, Town Administrator, Town of Parker, Colorado, USA

12. Citizen Engagement in Policy Development and Priority-setting, The Health Products and Food Branch Public Advisory Committee, by Roger Farley, Director General in collaboration with Sylvie Cantin, Director, Public Involvement and Shari Silber, Senior Public Involvement Officer, Office of Consumer and Public Involvement, Health Products and Food Branch, Health Canada

13. Empowerment in Local Government Administration, The Case of Elgin, Illinois, by Heidi O. Koenig, Division of Public Administration, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois 60115

14. Policy Choices for Contemporary Canada, The emerging role of fathers as primary caregivers, by Deborah L. Norwood, Nipissing University, Canada

15. From Citizen Expression to Engagement and Empowerment, The Case of Olympia, Washington, by Alicia Seegers Martinelli, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, USA

Review Essays:

16. Democratic Social Engagement, by Don de Guerre, Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada

Book Reviews/Book Review Essays:

17. From a Native Daughter,Haunani-Kay-Trask, Colonialism and Sovereignty in Hawai’i, by Daniel W. (Kana) Shephard, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, USA

18. Where is the Public Mistrust? Review of “E-Government" a report of The American Planning Association. May, 2004, by Tim Gugerty, The Evergreen StateCollege, Olympia, Washington, USA


1. Voluntary Planning...a Citizens' Policy Forum, Nova Scotia, Canada

2. Citizen Empowerment links


Published April 4 2005

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