Volume 8, Issue 4, (September - December, 2003)

The Innovation Journal:

An Special Issue on Processes and Tools

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

1. Educational Innovation in Small Communities: The Introduction of e-Learning to Extend Student Educational and Career Opportunities, by Ken Stevens and David Dibbon

2. The Diffusion of E-Learning Innovations in an Australian Secondary College: stratégie/système d'information, by Sam Jebeile and Robert Reeve

3. Web-Based Education, by Thomas D. Lynch and Cynthia E. Lynch

Discussion Papers:

4. The Implications of the Male and Female Design Aesthetic for Public Services, by Gloria Moss

5. Trade Corridor Transparency and Security, by Clyde McElman

6. TIEKE - National Meeting Point for Information Society Developers, by Aatto J. Repo

7. Vers une nouvelle relation: stratégie/système d'information, par Mohamed Jaouad El Qasmi et Abdelaziz Kriouile

Book Reviews:

8. The Politics of Public Management: The HRDC Audit of Grants and Contributions, by David A. Good, and Agents of Change: Crossing the Post-Industrial Divide, by Charles Heckscher, Michael Maccoby, Rafael Ramirez and Pierre-Eric Tixier, Review by Howard A. Doughty

9. Organic Management, Creating a Culture of Innovation, by Charles Sirois, Review by Eleanor D. Glor


10. Read notes from Don de Guerre's October 30 presentation, Real Employee Empowerment: Democracy is Not Laissez-Faire

Innovation Toolbox:

11. An Innovative Manager's Check-List, by Eleanor Glor

12. Procurement Policy of the Centre for Public Service Innovation CPSI

13. Opportunity Recognition and Innovation Index, by Walter Derzko

Other Resources:

14. Read about MIT's Open Courseware Experiment.

15. Sign up for Keith Marble's free monthly newsletter, Innovation Essentials.

16. Beginning February 16, 2004 The Innovation Road Map Magazine The Innovation Road Map Magazine is no longer available online at www.theinnovationroadmap.com. The online magazine has joined The Innovation Road Map Travelogue and The Innovation Road Map Store, which opened officially earlier this year.




Published September - December 2003

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