Ruth Hubbard

Ruth Hubbard, President of Ruth Hubbard Consulting, is a bilingual senior consultant helping leaders and multi-stakeholder organizations to design and carry out effective collaboration with groups that may have different perceptions, agendas, little trust or common history, and to be effective leaders achieving tough goals in a rapidly changing environment. As a recent senior manager in the Canadian federal public service, including a decade as a deputy minister, Ruth has successfully led and managed large, decentralized, organizations (like Revenue Canada – Customs & Excise), a central agency (the Public Service Commission) and a crown corporation (the Royal Canadian Mint). She has successfully implemented major, complex projects (like the GST) on time and within budget, as well as modernizing operations and regulations and leading the development of a multi-year strategy for product development, design and marketing.

Just before she left the public service in 2000, Ruth developed a model for ‘good governance’ in Canada that was the subject of the 1999 J. J. Carson Lecture and discussed with Canadians across the country.

Her educational background includes Masters and Bachelors degrees in pure Mathematics from Ohio State and Queen’s Universities, as well as attendance at Harvard University’s Advanced Management Program. She has served as a member of a number of governance and advisory boards, and has published a number of articles. She is currently a member of the Honorary Board of Directors of the Public Policy Forum and a Visiting Fellow of the Center on Governance, Université d’Ottawa-University of Ottawa.

Recent articles dealing with innovation include:

Societal leadership and good governance: strengthening learning, values, and consent’ IRAS, Vol 6, No. 2, June 2001

HR Modernization & Core Values’, Optimum No. 2, December 2001

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