Ronald Hikel

Ronald Hikel, Ph.D., is a political scientist and management consultant. His political science degrees are from Boston and Columbia Universities. He taught that subject for about a decade at Clarkson (New York), the University of Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba. His principal research interests are in political psychology and ideology and their influence on political behavior. His current principal political science research, in connection with a book, is with causes of lethal failure in public administration, especially the delivery of health, social and child welfare and prevention of domestic violence services. A paper on this topic was delivered in 2015 to a conference of the International Political Science Association.

These same interests have been pursued in senior public service positions, over about a decade, with the governments of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, Canada. In Manitoba he designed, set up and managed one of the country’s largest controlled social science experiments- testing the behavioral effects of a guaranteed annual income. Innovation in income maintenance program design and provision remains a subject of interest.

His academic and public service interests were of direct relevance to management consulting with KPMG Canada. As a managing partner and executive director of the KPMG Centre for Government, he managed public innovation projects with seven provinces, several departments of the the federal government and two territories His current consulting work involves conceptualizing new roles for public libraries, universal health care reform in the United States and income maintenance programming.

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Last updated: January 2016