Ed Bernacki

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Ed Bernacki, a Canadian, is an international public service innovation practitioner who started his career with New Zealand Post after studying service innovation during his MBA in 1990. He worked on new service designs and improving internal and external services. His study of creativity and innovation led to unique engagements. He wrote an innovation guide to launch the Singapore public service innovation learning framework and a second innovation guide for its Ministry of Defense. On return to Canada in the 2000s, he developed innovation strategies for public sector organizations and delivered many briefings and workshops. In Australia, while studying for a PhD he taught Creativity and Innovation in the Masters of Innovation and Entrepreneurship program of the University of Adelaide. He also invented a range of idea journals.

Ed created The Idea Factory and spoke at 250 conferences in 10 countries plus published several hundred management articles and public sector white papers. In the process of studying hundreds of innovation academic papers, teaching and working with organizations, he developed a critical eye on academic materials to ensure they are robust and meaningful. He packaged his experiences into a book for public servants: 30 Great Ideas: Building innovation skills and capacity for public service professionals.

Created December 27, 2020

Last updated: December 27 2020