The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal, 4(3), 1999, article 8.


Good Practices in Citizen-Centred Service PDF


26 case studies of good Canadian public sector citizen-centred practice.

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(1) Good Practices in Citizen Centred Service Author: D. Marie Blythe, D. Brian Marson, Year of Publication: 1999 Order #: P88E (English) Order #: P88F (French)

(2) Innovations and Good Practices in Single-Window Service,Author: Stephen Bent, Kenneth Kernaghan, Brian Marson, Year of Publication: 1999 Order #: P87E (English)

(3) Citizen-Centred Service: Responding to the needs of Canadians

Canadian Centre for Management Development | 1999 330K pdf

(4) Alternative Service Delivery in the Ontario Public Sector (1999)

Ontario Public Service Restructuring Secretariat | August 1999 1,391 K PDF

(5) Citizen/Client Surveys: Dispelling Myths and Redrawing Maps (1999) D. Brian Marson and Geoff Dinsdale, Canadian Centre for Management Development | March 1999 559K PDF

(6) Quality Services: A Series of Guides Government of Canada | 1995 1980K PDF

(7) Quality Services: An Overview Government of Canada | October 1995 298K pdf

(8) Best Value for Tax Dollars: Improving Service Quality in the Ontario Government: A Report to the Ontario Public Service (Summary) (1992) Government of Ontario, Continuous Improvement Services and Erin Research | February 1992 94K PDF

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