Quality Assessor Training

There are three (3) steps to become a full National Quality Institute (NQI) Quality Assessor:

1) Follow the 2-day course "A Framework for Effectiveness" given by the NQI.

The next sessions will be held on:
26/05/98 and 27/05/98 (Tuesday and Wednesday) complete
22/06/98 and 23/06/98 (Monday and Tuesday)
The cost per person for the 2-day course is $625.00. All participants will be billed directly by the National Quality Institute. Cancellation fees apply.

2) Follow the 1-day course "Conducting Organizational Assessments: Using the NQI Quality Fitness Test". This 1-day session costs $295.00 and is given by the NQI. (You must follow the 2-day course on the Framework first.)

The 3rd session will be given on Thursday May 28, 1998
The 4th session will be given on Friday May 29, 1998.

3) Obtain the "NQI Internal Quality Assessor Certification". There is a $225.00 fee and certain conditions apply.

Please e-mail Jacques Bouchard at Canada's Treasury Board at bouchard.jacques@tbs-sct.gc.ca or contact the National Quality Institute by phone: 1- 416- 251-7600 or fax: 1-416- 251-9131.


Updated December 18, 1999

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