The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal, 10(1), 2005, article 19.


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Federal Partners in Technology Transfer at (FPTT)'s website, a unique example of people in Canada's federal science-based departments and agencies working together, will hold its annual meeting and awards cermony' in Ottawa June 1-3, 2008.

Editors. The Innovation Journal is seeking volunteer Discussion Papers and Case Studies editors.

Thank you to the other editors: Ken Russell, Howard Doughty, Sanni Yaya and Ian Roberge.

Calls for Papers. The deadline for receipt of papers for the special issue on Client Empowerment is December 1, 2007 and for the special issue on Complexity and Innovation is January 4, 2008. We are also interested in papers on Innovations in Learning, Innovations involving Women in Arab Countries, Creativity, Innovations in Ethics, and Innovations in Local Government. As always, we are interested in articles in English et en français and papers on any public sector innovation topics for open issues. For more information, see the Call for Papers.



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"America's Best and Brightest are Leaving... and Taking the Creative Economy With Them" Read this article by Richard Florida, posted at The Conference Board's website.

New Course - MA Economic and Governmental Reform

The Global Economic Policy Institute at the University of Westminster in London has announced the world's first international 'how to reform a government' Masters programme, following several years' research and development.

Further information is available online, at:

old link

and a working link:

Contact Person:

Paul E M Reynolds, Director, Global Economic Policy Institute, Regent Campus, University of Westminster
Room 508, 309 Regent Street, London W1B 2UW, UK, Direct tel. + 44 20 7255 2558, Switchboard + 44 20 7911 5000 Extns. 2011 & 2196, Fax + 44 870 705 2071, Mobile/cellular + 44 7974 188087, Out of hours + 44 20 8741 1166 or + 44 20 8748 6788, Satellite phone + 88 216 2115 8406, E mail

MIT's OpenCourseWare Experiment

MIT caught distance educators by surprise in April 2001 when it announced plans to post the content of some 2,000 classes on the Web, saying it hoped to spur a worldwide movement among educators to share knowledge and improve teaching methods. In a world where most institutions are seeking to squeeze a few extra bucks from their Internet activities, here was a preeminent university willing to give it all away for free. "It's a profoundly simple idea that was not intuitive," says the manager of the MIT OpenCourseWare project. "At the time, the world was clamping down on information, limiting it to those who could pay for it." In September, MIT will officially launch OpenCourseWare with 500 courses, but during the past year's beta phase, it's already learned a few lessons, such as how do you discourage Third World scam artists from hawking MIT degrees as if they were Rolex knock-offs? Despite these problems, the test was hailed a success, and OpenCourseWare is now set to expand its outreach by offering translations of 25 courses into Spanish and Portuguese, courtesy of Universia, a Madrid-based consortium of universities. Similar offers from the Middle East, the Ukraine and Mongolia are under consideration. The real test, however, will be whether the project will sprout the online communities needed to support individual courses. "We'd like to see self-managed OpenCourseWare communities," says the manager. "Our vision is to have this open source software on the site, as well as information that helps people build a learning community, whether it's in Namibia, Thailand, whatever."

( Sep 2003)

The Innovation Journal has a new sponsor!

We are happy to report that the International Institute of Administrative Sciences - IIAS/ Institut international des Sciences administratives - IISA, headquartered in Brussels, has become a sponsor of The Innovation Journal. You may visit their site at: old Web site New Web Site:

Call for Papers

The Innovation Journal will be publishing twelve special issues over the next year or so, prepared by guest editors. The themes of the special issues and the editors of the issues are listed below.

This is a call for papers for the special issues. Please submit papers to Eleanor Glor, Editor-in-Chief.




New Public Management

Eleanor Glor

Open Issue

Eleanor Glor

Volume 10(3) Fall 2005

Technology and Innovation

Ways in which technology enhances and supports innovation in government. Also considering whether big technology implementations deliver the innovation that they promise.

Glenda White

Innovation in Local Government

Innovation in cities and small towns, as the primary sites of service delivery in many countries.

Glenda White

Innovation in Developing Countries

What is taking place in governments in countries in the developing world, in particular Africa, South America, parts of Asia. A related topic is Innovation for Poverty Alleviation, from the perspectives of the developing world and donor community, and also urban communities dealing with problems of homelessness and unemployment

Glenda White

Rules Innovation

Innovative public interest-oriented rule approaches, and associated institutions and processes, being developed by governments, the private sector, and civil society in response to challenges associated with use of conventional rules approaches (most notably, command and control regulation).

Kernaghan Webb

Client Empowerment

Innovative ways that clients have been involved in policy and practice in public sector organisations. e.g. case studies, more theoretical papers, new ideas.

Monica Dowling





French papers

D'idées et de renseignements sur l'innovation dans le secteur public. Vous L tes invités B soumettre des articles, des commentaires ou B apporter toute autre contribution.

Lucie Rouillard


Published April 5, 2005

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