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The Seeds of Innovation

Developing Local Governance Networks in Europe

THE SEEDS OF INNOVATION: Cultivating the Synergy That Fosters New Ideas (New York: American Management Association/AMACOM Books, June 2002, ISBN 0-8144-7146-3)

THE SEEDS OF INNOVATION is a comprehensive, one-stop innovation resource. This book is offers practical insights and specific action steps to help you, your team, and your organization reach a higher level of innovation. The approach presented looks at innovation as much more than simply new products or technologies. This book offers down-to-earth advice on how everyone can contribute to dramatically increasing innovation in all areas of the organization.


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Developing Local Governance Networks in Europe

Tony Bovaird, Elke Löffler and Salvador Parrado-Díez (Editors)

Nomos Publishers, Baden-Baden/Germany, 2002

Price: Euro 42,-

250 pp.
ISBN 3-7890-7826-3

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Nomos Publishers, Sales, D - 76520 Baden-Baden, Germany

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This book provides a wide-ranging and up-to-date overview of network management as a key element of local governance in Europe. It illuminates changing relationships between public, private and voluntary actors at local level by means of a series of detailed best practice case studies and comparative studies from different European countries.

The concept and practice of local governance goes well beyond local government. Local governance moves beyond service provision to consider how all stakeholders in the local community work together to improve the welfare and quality of life of citizens and other actors. It looks at how citizens, businesses, voluntary organisations, the media and different levels of government agencies work together (and sometimes against each other) to affect the level of social capital, social enterpreneurship and trust in the local area.

The wide-ranging case studies showcase “good networking in local governance” in eleven European countries. They analyse how success has been achieved and discuss how lessons can be replicated elsewhere.

The book finishes with an agenda for enhancing the effectiveness of local governance in Europe. It proposes a research programme into comparative local governance which will help to promote evidence-based policy and practice.

This is the first book in the ‘Local Governance in Europe’ series being produced by the Study Group on Local Governance under the auspices of the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA). The book will be essential reading for researchers and students of public administration, management and political science as well as for change agents at local level.


Tony Bovaird is a Professor in Strategy and Public Services Management at Bristol Business School (University of the West of England, United Kingdom). Elke Löffler is a Senior Research Associate at the same institution. Salvador Parrado-Díez is a Lecturer at the Spanish University for Distance Learning (UNED) in Madrid.


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