Semi-finalists, CAPAM International Innovations Awards Programme

30 semi-finalists have been chosen for the first CAPAM International Innovations Awards Programme. In total, Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) members from 24 countries made 121 submissions to the Innovations Awards Programme, with representation from countries small and large, both developing and developed. The submissions were received from members in the following countries:


Australia Jamaica Singapore
Bangladesh Malaysia South Africa
Barbados Malta Trinidad and Tobago
Canada Mauritius Uganda
Cyprus Namibia United Kingdom
India New Zealand United States
Iran Philippines Vanuatu
Italy Seychelles Zimbabwe

From among the 121 submissions, 30 semi-finalists were chosen by the pre-screening team to go forward to the International Innovations Awards Jury for final judging. From among these semi-finalists, ten finalists will be chosen in late June and announced at the CAPAM Biennial Conference in Malaysia 6-9 September 1998.

The 30 semi-finalists are listed below. The country, project title and submitting department or organization are also described.


Centrelink -- Linking Australian Government Services
* Centrelink aims to apply world's best practices in service delivery to 5 million customers. It has innovative governance arrangements including private sector input. [See description of Centrelink by its chief executive officer in the Articles section of The Innovation Journal]
Redesign, Automation and Integration of the Victoria Government, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Victoria
* Re-engineering electronic work flows for Cabinet, Executive Council, Legislative and Parliamentary processes.
The Victoria Solution, Department of Justice Victoria
* The Victoria Solution, Victoria's Civic Compliance System; world's most powerful integrated road safety and infringement enforcement package; leading edge Road Safety and Courts technology.
Bangladesh Village Pay Phone, Grameen Bank
* Grameen Telecom aims to provide digital cellular telephone and related value added services in the rural areas of Bangladesh.


Canada's SchoolNet, Canada's Information Highway Application Branch, Industry Canada
* SchoolNet is designed to promote the effective use of information technology amongst young Canadians by facilitating the connection of all 20,000 schools and libraries to the lnternet by the end of 1998- 1999.
Stategis, Industry Canada
* A major initiative to fill strategic information gaps for small and medium sized businesses, to broaden the departments reach at a lower cost, and to help re-engineer the internal workings of the departments.
Export Source, Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade and Agriculture and AgriFood Canada
A pioneering Internet business tool for Canadians seeking competitive advantage in world markets.
Canadian Business Service Centres Network, Treasury Board of Canada
* A tri-party group of public and private sector organisations providing accurate and current information in response to over 1 million inquiries from potential entrepreneurs and new or existing businesses.
The Service Delivery Network, Human Resources Development Canada
* HRDC has flattened its structure. Executive level managers in field offices now have full autonomy to use appropriate technology and community partnerships to provide the best service.
Special Operating Agencies, Province of Manitoba
* SOA's are the principal means of alternative service delivery. They are "getting the structure and incentives right and leveraging reforms that are transforming government.
The Audit Protocol: A new Approach to Large Business Audit, Revenue Canada
* The Audit Protocol enhances the compliance relationship with large corporations by developing an individualized audit protocol. This increases the efficiency of the audit process for both parties through a co-operative, open and transparent relationship.
Beyond Partnerships: Empowering Clients to Improve Services to the Public, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs
* OMAFRA has developed an innovative approach to customer service that puts its clients and stakeholders at the centre of program planning and delivery.
Ontario Delivers: Improving the Delivery of Public Services in Ontario, OPS Restructuring Secretariat Ontario
* The Ontario Government is moving towards an "outside-in' approach to service delivery. By creating a 'One Window" service option we are meeting the needs and expectations to have faster, more convenient ways to access government services of today and for the future.


The Surat Experience, Municipal Corporation, Surat
* Transform the City into becoming the cleanest in the country, tackling garbage, sewage, congested roads and unauthorised construction problems, imparting dignity and self-respect to 20 Lakh people.
Education Guarantee Scheme,
Rajiv Gandhi Shiksha Mission
* Provide universal access to primary education. Government provides within 90 days, a trained teacher and teaching-learning materials to 25 learners (tribal) or 40 (non-tribal) for a learning facility, enrolling 500,000 children within one year.
The Divisional Experiment, North Division, Delhi, Government of Delhi
* An experiment of providing a single window for public interface with various departments, taking transparency and service delivery to their door steps.


Towards a World Class Fire Rescue Organisation, Fire and Rescue Department
* Focus on visionary leadership and planned changes to achieve World Class Standard in their profession and shifting the mind set of the people. It focussed on recognising talents and investment in people.


Public Sector Reform, Office of the Prime Minister
* To replace the inherited fragmented colonial civil service with a unified Public Service required major restructuring. A detailed strategy was designed to achieve this with focus on 'customer service'.

New Zealand

Protect Drinking Water Quality, Ministry ofHealth
* Developed and implemented a strategy for managing the public health safety of drinking-water supplies. Uses a set of regulatory and non-regulatory tools to reinforce one another and to promote self-management by the water industry.


U-First Programme, Ministry of Tourism and Transport
* The aim of the U-first Campaign and competition is to recognise and reward individuals and establishments who have excelled in their role of maintaining the Seychelles service edge as a premier visitor destination.


Singapore Education Administrative Services over the lnternet, PS 21 OFFICE
* A virtual one-stop 24-hour counter over the Internet for the central registration of national examinations and admissions to post-secondary institutions, and the delivery of these results.
The Expeditious Discharge of Bankrupts, PS 21 OFFICE
* Significantly reducing the number of bankruptcies and the cost of bankruptcy administration while increasing public service efficiency and payments to creditors. Discharge from bankruptcy by Certificate of the Official Assignee.

South Africa

Renewal of Staff Establishments, Department of Health, Free State
* Make recommendations on the hospital structure and staffing, the creating of new structures and staff and the development of an implementation strategy.
The Maputo Development Corridor, Department ofTransport
* To rehabilitate the core infrastructure of the corridor (development axis) from Johannesburg to Maputo through public private partnerships.
New Pension Delivery System, Free State Department of Social Welfare
* New delivery systems harnessing the latest technology have been designed and successfully implemented thereby dramatically improving the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery.

Trinidad and Tobago

National Public Service Week Ministry of Public Administration and Information
* An event that facilitated concentrated attentions on customer information and feedback; demonstrated value for customers; launched the utilisation of state of the art technology to provide easy access to information, and conveyed to internal customers/employees you count.


Commencement of Private Programmes, Makerere University Business School
* The programmes were for those who were not sponsored by government. The idea was novel because it was previously unacceptable. It has generated revenue, enabled improvement in staff salaries, purchasing teaching aides and repair facilities.

United Kingdom

The Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency, Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency
* The outsourcing of military personnel administration function under a private finance partnership; contracted to develop a new tri-service system.
UK Public Sector Benchmarking Project, Office of Public Service
* The project demonstrated that the Business Excellence Model can help public sector bodies improve their service to the public, by measuring performance in key areas and spreading management best practices.


Ombudsman-Vanuatu, Office ofthe Ombudsman
* To investigate complaints of government wrongdoing, and recommend follow up action.

The International Jury for the Awards Programme will interview each of the 10 finalists in Malaysia immediately prior to the Biennial Conference in September 1998. Each of the 10 will then make a presentation to the Conference delegates. At the President's Banquet on the closing night of the Conference the gold, silver and bronze award winners will be announced.The post-conference issue of Commonwealth Innovations, published by CAPAM, will provide full information on the final award winners. All submissions will be profiled in that issue of the newsletter. Watch this space for the award winners.

This information was originally published in Commonwealth Innovations, Vol. 4, No. 2, 1998


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