Guidelines for Scholarly-Style Articles

Scholarly-Style articles for The Innovation Journal should be between 2500 and 5000 words long, typed in Times New Roman 12-point, in WordPerfect 6.0 if possible, and should be submitted electronically.

Topics of interest relate to innovation, creativity, change management, case studies (examples), strategies, tactics, definitions, processes, approaches to innovation: partnerships, citizen-centred delivery, restructuring, empowerment and so on.

Please limit footnotes. If you use them, put them at the end as endnotes. Reference to sources in the test should be placed in brackets and include last name of author, date of publication, and page number if the author wishes to mention it, namely: (Kroeker, 1996, p. 126). Sources should be done as follows: (Underlining can be substituted for italics)


Holt, S. L. and Ribe, H. 1994. Developing Financial Institutions for the Poor and Reducing Barriers to Access for Women. Washington, D.C.: World Bank

Kroeker, C. J. 1996. "The cooperative movement in Nicarauga: empowerment and accomplishment of severely disadvantaged peasants". Journal of Social Issues, 52(1), 123-138


Updated February 9, 2007

Last updated: November 2009